My IT team is very operational. They don’t understand our business.

You must have thought this a few times. If you haven’t already expressed this discomfort with your peers and with the person responsible for your company’s IT.

Success Environment

Digital Excellence

This is still a common problem, which affects many companies, regardless of size and market segment. This scenario is due to several factors, the most important being the very technical profile of IT professionals, and a difficulty in communicating with users, generally non-technical.

The Digital Excellence service aims to align IT professionals with the company’s business and strategy, so that they can lead the organization’s digital transformation journey.


Delivery Model


The delivery model for midsize companies involves:

  • 2 (two) meetings of 4 (four) hours to align concepts

  • 2 (two) meetings of 6 (six) hours to define the menus that will be dealt with in the service. Usually these menus are related to the modules of the TOGAF and ITSM methodologies. TOGAF e ITSM.

  • Set of weekly meetings within an agile methodology to monitor the evolution of IT professionals selected for qualification.